This is easily the worst game that I can not play!!

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
It is the worst game that I can not play. I have only been able to actually play this game for about 4 hours due to the numerous server issues. Then to top it off the 4 hours that I got to play the next time I logged in all of the progress had been lost!! I have easily spent more time trying to play this game then actually playing it. Can someone please explain to me how I have spent $60.00 hard earned dollars on a game that is literally not playable. You have got to be kidding me EA or Origin. When it comes to a failed game launch that you have both known was coming for months or even years I would put the blame on both of you equally. Shame on you both for not allowing me to play the game that I purchased the disc for. Now above and beyond that it gets even worse. Once you are in the game you will feel nothing but disappointment. This is like no other simcity any of us have played before. First, the maps are so small you will be done filling them up in less then a days worth of playing. Is this some kind of a joke? You mean to tell me I can contruct over the entire map and not be able to do anything else at far less then 1 million population. There are no trains and no subways. Not that you would have any room to contruct them anyway. Please, please do not do what I did and buy this game. Consider this your warning. Give your money to EA if you dare.