The game simply does not work.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
The game simply does not work. The online-only "functionality" effectively cripples the game since EA's servers cannot handle it. Hopefully they will fix this as a lot of customers are not too happy that EA won't wait to receive money for a game they are making players wait to play.

Crossing my fingers that the servers are fixed and good to go within the next few weeks, so we shall see. The time I did play was fun but it deleted all my work so that was not so fun. Buggy interfaces and graphics did not help paint a good picture either.

From what I did play, it seems like a step backwards for SimCity. This is not SimCity... it is The Sims in a larger playground. Things are "simplified" so much and the space available for a city is pitiful. Tempted to go to an alternate game but there isn't much competition in this universe.