Does not work. This is ridiculous.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
If you buy the game in disc, it won't work. You come high, trying to make it right, use your disc, installation, everything seems ok. Game doesn't work. Sheet. Updating graphics drivers... looking in forums for some fast solution...
Later, you will discover, after some hours if you are lucky, that the problem is the disc. Yeah, the disc that was released hour before doesn't work!!
Uninstall the game. Then you download the installer (another hour) and the patch (yeah, that patch that was released the same day the game was out). But, unluckily, after the installation, all the servers are full.
I paid 55€ not to play, even when the game like this is meant to be single. If you need to introduce some piracy control, do it without kicking your customers away.

Completely dissapointing experience.

Thanks EA.