Broke, Busted, Blah

User Rating: 3.5 | SimCity PC
Originally, I was going to give the new SimCity a score of 9.0. Why?

- The graphics are outstanding compared to the original.
- The interface needs some work because I had a tendency for the map as I am trying to click a button to build something.
- The new version doesn't limit you to one city in the region like the old game.

But alas, I had to lower my rating to 4.0. Why?

I can't play it. The idea of constantly being connected to the server is insane and having no single player not connected to the server is the silliest thing I have ever seen. Also, the lack EA to realize that this game was going popular as it is was just plain dumb on their part. Do they not realize that no every gamer plays their precious Battlefield game. How about taking some of those empty Battlefield servers and migrate them to SimCity servers? Now that is an idea!

Hopefully EA will patch the game so that we (the gamers) can play offline.

3/8/13 Edit: Still cannot get on...lowering score to 3.5