Towns too small. Can't reload previous games. Actions are permanent.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
The subject says it all...

And this is IF you can even play the game, which has not been the case for the first 3 days of the rollout.

They should at least call this game "SimCity Online". I think that would avoid a lot of confusion of what this game really is and mitigate much of the anger focused on the makers/distributors of the game.

They should also create a solo game for everyone else who wanted to play that kind of game. I would have bought that game.

I hear they are adding more servers for the game... but the fact remains you will not be able to reload a previously saved game. Something I use to enjoy as a SimCity gamer.

And I don't really like Gamespots forcing me to write reviews longer than what I feel is appropriate. If I could create a review on Gamespot... well, I'll leave it at that. Hopefully I've written enough words to have my vote counted.