Don't spend your money on a game you can't play.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
EA screwed this up bad. It appears that their servers to collect your money are infinitely more robust than their game play servers. If you buy this game, be prepared to be unable to play it. You cannot play it at all if you can't connect to EA's servers. Stay away and don't give them your money until they fix their mess.

As far as the actual game goes, the basic gameplay is similar to previous versions. It appears to have a lot of depth once you get into it.... if you get the chance to actually experience it. The one time I was able to log in and play, I felt some of the interface was a little clunkier than expected. I'm sure after more time at the wheel this will get better. Who knows if I am going to be able to play again anytime soon?

Eventually they might get it figured out, but I'm afraid that when EA gets tired of supporting it because users don't continually shovel money their way, they will shut down their servers and your investment will be gone.