An AWFUL test of your Patience.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
Well, there not much to say, this is an awful game. The fact that i spent 39.99$ on this pile of dung is unbelievable. Takes forever to start a game, and when you have started, randomly you lose all progress (due to crashes). The maps are way to small, you do not get any feel of an epic city like in the old days .. (not that I get close to expanding on the very small map due to random crashes).

Even before you start your map up there are numerous bugs. Most of the servers seem to not be working at all. For some reason a lot of people need to run the game as administrator for it to work ... Good job EA, this is a failure of epic proportions.

A lot of the self proclaimed pro reviewers are giving this game high marks, and it doesnt even work, lol

Save your money (while i go to my CC company and try to contest the charge to my card), this is not worth it...