Great Game. Worst Management.

User Rating: 2 | SimCity PC
I personally appreciate what Maxis has been done for last two decades. Hence, I didn't hesitate to purchase this game paying $60.

But, from the getgo, I couldn't even start - "Can't connect server" issue, even if it says Available instead of Busy. I tried four servers - North America West 1 & 2, North America East 1 & 2.

After few hours of patient attempts, I could finally launch the game. Start the Tutorial. In the middle of the tutorial, Disconnected. I tried again several times more. This time, I finish the tutorial. And when I tried to Create a city, Again, Disconnected. F***.

The message says, "Unable to create your city at this time. Please claim a city again later." (I don't understand why the internet connection is required to create private city on sandbox mode.)

It's been almost seven hours, yet I haven't even had a peek of a city.

I think the game itself is a masterpiece. But the irresponsible and deceptive management of EA makes it overall TOTAL DISASTER.

Point is, they should have release the game when the game is PLAYABLE.

I'd like to end this review with some quotes from the Answer HQ.
"Seriously EA? You make it mandatory to be online at all times and you guys can't even handle a simple launch? EA's a joke..."
" figure they have this issue solved with 2 beta releases! WTF is the point of releasing this game if no one can play it!"