Loved first hour then tryed and play next day.........different story

User Rating: 2 | SimCity PC
I played the game on the release day and it was great loved the graphics and the region type game. I spent a good four or five hours on the first day and i was very happy with the game. I was reading stuff online about how people were hating on it and i could not understand why because i was not having any problems. I was worried about the all the time online game but i had no problems the first day. Then i try and go on tonight a day after realease and cant get into my game servers are down and it wont stop looking for updates at first i thought maybe its my internet, but i went online and found people are fuming about the same problem i have been having. The first day i would have given this game a solid nine but now after this i want my money back or get rid of this onling only game its awful.