Always online DRM and corporate money grubbing ruins one of the best franchises to date.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
I'm going to make this quick and snappy. Don't buy this game. Period. There is ZERO reason to buy this game. There is NOTHING that is good about it if you've ever played Sim City before. Seriously, go play previous versions of Sim City or free Facebook Sim games. As someone who has followed Maxis a long time, its the sad truth.

1) Always online DRM. You need a perfectly stable internet connection to play this. This isn't just a one time check and you are done. The actual simulation part of the game is done on EA Servers.

2) Origin. Spyware piece of crap.

3) You cannot save/load your games. Saving is done by the server, whenever it feels like. If you get randomly disconnected, you can lose huge chunks of playtime since it didn't expect you to log off and thus didn't trigger a save on their end.

4) Login queue. That's right. Hours of waiting to play SINGLE PLAYER. Because all the simulation is done on their side. So not only is the game unplayable right now (Servers constantly going down, get put back into queue) but say you want to fire up this game later on down the road? Servers will likely be offline. Too bad for you.

5) The cities are ridiculously small. Two kilometers square is not a city. Whether this is a limitation due to their coming micro-transaction system (Yea, pay them 60-80 bucks and then you need to pay them more to host the DRM servers you didn't want) or due to the fact that the servers can only handle so much due to lots of people playing is unacceptable.

Overall, you are better off playing a free facebook game. The area will be larger, the connection will be smoother, no queues and even Adobe Flash is more stable than this game. And at least micro-transactions make sense in a game that starts off free.