Yes it has DRM but...lets be fair.

User Rating: 8 | SimCity PC
We all know having to be connected to play a game that isn't an MMO of some sort is unacceptable. I agree.

That being said SimCity is actual a pretty fun game aside from smaller city maps then used to. Building a city still is fun.

Graphic style is a bit weird but pretty good.

Music and Sound effects remain the same which is nice.

The new thing here is the ability to edit most buildings to improve upon them, making them more useful then building extra buildings which saves room on city maps.

There are other fun things you can do as well, you can check those out if you decide to play.

Oh and you can manage a region with a friend in Multiplayer if you want but its not necessary to do that to enjoy the game.

When all is said and done this game gets a (B) because of the stupid active internet connection, which is in place obviously to fight piracy. I would give it a (A) if not for the DRM.