Why is this game not on steam?

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One of the reasons I rarely play Far Cry 3 online anymore is because i'm being forced to use a service called Uplay. The service is slow, unreliable, and multiplayer matches often disintegrate when the host leaves the match. Its a service that I find abrasive and almost unusable. I try to add my steam friends on Uplay and have had a very hard time getting into an online match with them. Why was this released on Origin? Origin like Uplay is just some unnecessary garbage. Origin like Uplay has a p*** poor interface and most PC gamers would rather use Steam. EA and Ubi should just drop uplay and origin then move back to using Steam.

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Because it's an EA game and they want to monopolize the PC market with their **** distribution platform.

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Well, Steam is another DRM platform of distribution and tbh, there isn't really much of a difference from the platform aspect between Steam or Origin. They're both DRM platforms and thus equivalent to me on that front. Steam has been around a lot longer and is much more mature. Origin is new and is not that mature yet but will be eventually. The thing of hatred is that always online part.
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It's the publisher wars. Game developers bought out by the big money publishers with DRM stores (Valve's Steam, EA's Origin) will always be nearly exclusive to those stores.

The difference between Steam and Origin is in that Valve doesn't force developers onto an always-on DRM, so they've yet to suffer such a public and technical setback. They've had their fair share of connectivity, authentication and piracy issues, but it was with Steam, and not with a singular title on launch day.

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Steam doesn't require you to be always online is the difference. When you get a game from Steam you download a file that lets you play the game offline. 

Also, in Steam's EULA, it states that if Steam goes under we still get to keep our games. That's why I only buy PC games from Steam. I know I actually own them.