looking for friends before release

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i have launched a forums site to bring us all together for free,, anything for simcity to be released in Feb, you get in on the beta? better get there :-) i will be adding more to it as per what the community would like to see, also am doing giveaway,, everyone like freebies :-) join up, would enjoy having yea!
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cool i guess.

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Hi. i am looking for Friends to play SimCity 2013. as well i hope we can get nice team play on this sweet game. i have play in past tycoon game series and the fan pase mods. and the old simcity. i cant say my user name yet. on the simcity 2013 (i dont have beta).. i am hopeing to find a girl gamers to play simcity 2013 (like we all do)
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I'm up for having some friendly neighbors as well I just preordered it today so i can install it in 2 days

can't wait it looks pretty promissing