How Build Bridges???

#1 Posted by TheActionFigure (207 posts) -

I cannot build a bridge in my city to save my life.  It says that the "road grade is too steep".  Anyone else having this problem?  Any tips?

#2 Posted by Baselerd (5104 posts) -

It's unnecessarily difficult to plan out a bridge. Both shores / landings have to be relatively flat. It's a very qualitative thing. If you drag a road across the span, it might work. It might not. If it doesn't you just have to screw around with it and try to find a path that works.

#3 Posted by rpgguide (334 posts) -

Yeah there is no button to push you just drag the road and eventually a bridge pops up. You may have to drag it further or move it back further than you actually want to. 

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Thank you both!  I've been driving myself crazy trying lol.