When i first played Battlefield 2 i didn't like that much. But after spending hours and hours playing I really liked it. The game is excellent.

Let's start by the sound of this game. There's not much to say except that is wonderful. You can hear your buddies talking and the bullets flying around you. The music is not much of a deal because when you're in the game you'll forget that there is music at all.

And now the graphics. As usual the developers try to make the best out of the graphics. Well the graphics are really good. If you have a nice video card that can run it on "High" then you will get the most out of it. You can be able to really enjoy this game if you have G-force 6800 or higher.

The gameplay is good . The campaign is long and interesting in a way. But what i really like is the multiplayer. You can support 64 people at one time. I've spent hours and hours of playing and i still am. The campaign is at most 7 hours of play (It doesn't get boring).

The bad stuff of Battlefield 2 is that you will see the frame rate go down and you might get some technical difficulties. Some gameplay issues and the multiplayer might not connect.

Overall this game deserves a 9.2