Feels as though ur actually spinning the jutsu and experiencing the action.

Intro: This is a game I diffidently wanted to check out considering the first one was on PS3. And it was really worth it the cel-shaded graphics were off the charts and the gameplay was fun and easy to get into. I loved it.

Story: The game's story mode is based off the manga and anime series Naruto: Shippuden which takes place in the older days of Naruto and his comrades and they take on a new threat known as the Akatsuki. And it starts from Naruto's arrival all the way to the battle with Pain and Naruto overall covering much of the story in depth.

Gameplay: Most of this game was really based towards the story mode which is Ok. The QTE's made the fighting alot more cinematic and the fighting was fun and addicting at times. But they could've done more QTE battles and the fighting could've been alot more enviormental. And after the game u will have alot of crazy missions of helping the villagers of the leaf which gets u money and more items. And the online was pretty slow and hard to find matches. But overall combat decent love story and QTEs amazing.

Music and Graphics: The music was ok some I could fight to very well and the graphics blew my mind. Every detail matched how they looked in the show best cel-shading I have seen.

Overall: Naruto is a really fun fighter that even people who aren't fans of Naruto will enjoy. It's great to look at great story mode and Im a fan of Naruto so maybe Im giving it alot more credit than it deserves but its a game ur gonna wanna pick up and play. Enjoy! :D