Simcity just keeps getting better...

User Rating: 9.4 | SimCity 4: Rush Hour PC
SimCity from Maxis, has always revolved around the basics of a city: Power, residential population, commerce, and industry. Every new SimCity has brought a new perspective to the game. SimCity 2000 with its Isometric views, Simcity 3000 with its 3D isometric, and SimCity 4 with a very real environment. Simcity 4 Rush Hour adds many new transportation options to the already amazing SimCity 4. In Sim City 4, the Lifelike Environment was probably the biggest change from SimCity3000. In "God Mode" you use tools, such as "hill ; canyon ; erode ; mountain; trees ; " and much more- to shape a square piece of land into an environment that you can easily forget has a grid system. Once you've molded the landscape to your liking, you enter "Mayor mode" , in which you create your city. You have a variety of building tools to place Government, Utility, Transportation, Reward, and Landmark structures. Also the zoning tool for deciding where you want Housing, Commercial buildings, and Industry. These zones need to be near or connected to one of the many different types of roads, powerplants, the water system, and a garbage facility. At first, this may seem a bit overwhelming, so it is a good idea to start small and work up to larger cities. I estimate the learning curve to be lengthy, only because of the vast amount of interconnected parts that the player must learn to run a successful city. ( pollution, demand, money, safety, etc ). SimCity 4 Rush Hour expands upon the game with many new buildings, especially transportation options. It also has a new Mode in which the player can control vehicles within the city such as planes, trains, cars, trucks, boats, and a UFO - which brings up disasters: in all the SimCity series there has been disasters, but now they're more realistic, some more destructive, and better yet you can control them if you wish with the mouse ( an R/C tornado for example ). There's so much more than the things listed above. SimCity 4 is a great game for those who like to create, control, and/or destroy on a somewhat large scale.