If you never want to be in politics but want to control a city? Here's your chance!

User Rating: 10 | SimCity 4 PC
SimCity 4 is a masterpiece, not just as a Sims game, but also the game's features. I mean, who wouldn't want to create their own city?

SC4 has alot to do with strategy, like where to put things and what would be the best option, etc. It's a little bit of a challenge (but not difficult) but it is addicting at the same time.

The features are really cool. You can go in God-Mode and unleash natural disasters or even aliens and robots. You can also form the land a bit. So this is a really fun aspect.

I recommend this game because it's very long, you can go hours without getting bored. It has alot of fun features and objects. This game is very revolutionary compared to the last in the series, SimCity 3000.