two worlds??

pros: Alot of potential here it looked good after the HORRIBLE INTRO an i mean horrible they look like a 1st time 3d max or maya user rendered his 1st project for class. i mean sometimes there lips closed from left to right its like wtf.. but after that the textures and the talking actually looked good (in game) I dont know why they would render that an then have the in game graphics better

addicting...no joke it reminds me of fable with oblivion.

cons: ok well to start the intro wtf was that

menu glitches and ugly...its annoying but all they need to do is patch it

bad voice overs...and lame ass sounds...but thats something u could live with

but my biggest deal was the frames ...i am serious offline its horrible an online its even worse...after a few hours of play i brought this back to gamestop an they gave me a full refund because the manager said the game is soo bad that no one should have to deal with it so they are refunding everyone. i heard that it plays alot better on 720 and SD tvs i got a 1080 so i am not sure if thats true but i seriously couldn't take it i mean yea oblivion had some frame rate problems but this is crazy...

basically if u want a game like oblivion with the looks of fable and u can handle the frame rate then get it even with all the bad it seemed good but i couldn't handle it. Hopefully they will patch the frame rate an the menu an i would surely buy this game again