with puzzles around every corner, this game its justfiably one the best simulation games to date.

User Rating: 9 | SimCity 4 PC
By the time i am typing this the graphics are out of date, quite pixelated, and another game has already came out to wipe out this prequal. this game, developed by EA, is a wonderful game.
its difficulty ca easily be set by difficulty settings, which , you may not think contrast that much, but trust me, they do. fopr example, on Easy you start off with $500,000 MONEY, this has to be spent on EVERYTHING from making sure road segments are repaired, to keeping power stations up to keeping schools running to everything you can think of, this game offers an insight into what being a mayor may be like.
one of the qwonderufl things abotut his agme aswell is thast, from the region map, you can see every individual city and even create a landscape with the god terraforming tools, which is a valuable asset, as the landscape differs the way in which you have to play the game., for exmaple hi, treahcerous mountain, you may have to find anopther path, or place a rilway underneath it, or water, build a massve bridge across,.

creating massive metropolis's is a massive challenge wuthout the help of mods, but it is good to find a somcity community and download extra buildings, as the maixs buildings are extremely vanilla, a good exmaple of a community, with thousands of files to downlaod to make your city the most aesthetically pleasing as possible.
overall this game enhances everything from SC 3000 and is a great simulation game worth buying.