Its awesome because its very similar to the real life

User Rating: 8.5 | SimCity 4 PC
When people told me about this game I tought ... it´s a sims game so it isnt very good but when I first played it I was this game we can do almost everything, We can be God and change everything of Nature.
We also have the fun part in this mode and thats is that we have the hability to create natural disasters just like Hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes etc...
Then we have the interesting part...the city mode. In this mode we can control everything in a city (but we have to build it first) and we can control the economics. The only problem is that we start with a very few amount of money and its hard to keep the city active without the money cheat.
Finnaly we have the Sims mode , when we can make a sim that is gonna live in the city we ve made and track him in the city mode.