SimCity 4 Cheats For PC

  1. Unlock Terraforming and Terrain Effects toolbars during city play.

    In order to unlock the Terraforming and Terrain Effects toolbars during city play, hold down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click the God Mode button.

    Contributed by: Cydoor 

  2. Input cheats to patched versions

    In the patched versions (there have been two patches released to date) the keys to access the cheat input menu are [ctrl] + [alt] + [shift] + x

    Contributed by: BesigedB 

  3. Neverending resources/garbage disposal

    By giving you the ability to exchange resources between your cities, the game opens itself up for all kinds of abuse.

    The big scam is that time only passes if you actually load a city. If you fill a city with nothing but power plants, water pumps, and landfill (and the appropriate connections) and then never open it up again, you can send in garbage and take out water and power without ever having to worry about paying upkeep or running out of landfill space. Not what the developers intended, but certainly a worthy trick.

    Contributed by: La Vaca 

  4. Abusing the gambling ordinance

    Unlike in past games, the revenue from the legalized gambling ordinance is not dependent on population. To take advantage of this, start a new city and build a single tile of road. At the beginning of the next month, enable legalized gambling and you will earn $100 a month without having to do a thing. Leave the game on overnight at maximum speed and never worry about running out of money again.

    Contributed by: La Vaca 

  5. C&C 95 Reference

    Place industrial zones and you will eventually see a manufacturing or high-tech industry called Kane Tiberium. If you have played the first Command & Conquer game you will remember that Kane is the leader of The Brotherhood of Nod and tiberium is the green, alien, toxic mineral that GDI and Nod needed to fund themselves.

    Contributed by: Overmind2000 

  6. Simcity 3000 at the Movies

    If you're just starting a city, a drive-in theater may appear in your commercial zone. This drive-in plays a short clip of the intro movie for Simcity 3000.

    Contributed by: Vanguard13 

  7. Codes

    During the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to bring up the Cheat Entry Box. Now enter one of the following and hit Enter.

    Code Effect
    stopwatch Pause/Resume 24-hour clock.
    whattimeizit [time] Set the Time of Day. Enter time where [time] is.
    whererufrom [name] Change City Name. Enter cityname where [name] is.
    hellomynameis [name] Change mayor's name. Enter Mayor Name where [name] is.
    you don't deserve it All Rewards
    sizeof [number] Increase Magnification. (1-100)
    weaknesspays Adds 1,000 to your treasury.
    fightthepower Removes power requirement for all buildings.
    zoneria Hides empty zone color.
    tastyzots Toggles Zots.
    howdryiam Removes water requirement for all buildings.
    DollyLlama Toggles your advisors between people/Llamas.
    TerrainQuery [on/off] Show coordinates when hovering over an item.
    gol Green Tinge on map
    fps Displays Frame Rate
    recorder Opens up the Animation Recorder Menu.

    Contributed by: Mysteerie 

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SimCity 4 Cheats For Macintosh

  1. SimCity 4 Codes

    During the game push Control + X to get the Code Entry Box, then type in one of the following codes and press Enter.

    Code Effect
    weaknesspays Adds $1000 to your treasury
    you don't deserve it All Rewards
    whererufrom [name] Change city name, enter the new city name where [name] is.
    hellomynameis [name] Change mayor name, enter the new mayor name where [name] is.
    fps Displays frame rate.
    gol Green tinge on map.
    zoneria Hides empty zone color.
    sizeof [number] Increase magnification, 1-100
    stopwatch Pause/resume 24 hour clock
    fightthepower You don't need to have electricty anymore.
    howdryiam You don't need to have water anymore.
    whattimeizit [time] Enter time of day, enter new time where [time] is.
    terrainquery [on/off] Show coordinates when hovering over an item.
    dollyllama Toggles your advisors between people/Llamas.
    tastyzots Toggles Zots.

    Contributed by: goldenman