Looked good, but lipped out.

The first thing you will notice about the game is the absolutely horrible dialog. I generally do not pick on these things but honestly, the announcers only have about 10 comments. I knew it was bad when, on the first or second hole I ever played, I blew a putt by the cup by 15 feet and the announcer stated "Now there is a rare gem" - and not sarcastically. I would shell out an additional $25 bucks to have McCord back - Gary how could you leave us in the hands of these hacks! Maybe EA will sell it as an add on in a brilliant marketing move.

As an avid golfer, I use the advanced swing setting - that is what I am looking for in this game. While the swing does not imitate a true golf swing (the swing that results in a straight ball on this game will be a slice in real golf - you need to finish a swing in real life by getting the clubhead through the ball, doing so in TW10 will lead to a hook, so you must keep yourself from finishing) with the motion plus control, the swing is predictable and nicely tuned.

The trouble comes on the green in my opinion. Using the precision putter, you are going along fine, then wham - you blow a 15 foot putt by the hole 25 feet. Disaster. Given the challenge from the first event to break par with the meager skills your player starts with makes this type of hiccup extremely costly. One thing it will show is how durable the motion plus is as it flies through the air after a full hour of gameplay is flushed with glitchy putting.

I am hopeful that the putting does not make the game a trade-in, but I believe it truly has that potential - especially when you are forced to listen to the announcers.