The Best Prince of Persia game yet

From the get go this game throughs you into the story right off the bat. The game starts out with the prince calling his donkeys name when he is through into helping this girl escape from her persuers, I think that the story is quite a bit better than the sands of Time. while the game is more family based because it does not have the M rating that is what made me not like the sands of time series. The game is really no different than the other Prince of Persia games expect you do not fight a whole lot of enemies and you still jump around from platform to platform trying to get to you destination. When you fall instead of dieing you or reversing time using the sands you are saved by a girl. While most will think that the game is not as good as the other prince of persia's I have not problem for one I like the prince in this one much better he is a better surfaced character and has a better personality than the other prince. Definelty a must buy game, hope to see more prince of Persia games