Another great game, I am still addicted to it!

Wow. What a game. If your thinking of buying this, dont think! Buy it straight away! This has hundreds of hours of playing time just to unlock everything, and more to enjoy it!

I put the diffuculty at "Just right" is because you can change the diffuculty. For a normal brawl, theres a setting which is 1-9. One person at 9 is a tiny bit of a challenge, but try it with 3 of them! The story is good, not to long, not to short. If you have this diffuculty on Intense, be prepared for one hard game.

Theres online multiplayer, which is even better. You can create your own stage with lots of different things. You can save replays of fights(if they are under 3 mins long) which is good looking at later. You can save pictures, watch other people fight. There are so many things to do!

A perfect game. This is definatly worth buying.