Well what can I say about this game for one it is absolutely hard, but can entertain some one for hours.

User Rating: 8.6 | SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition PC
I'll start off by saying this game is hard cuz it is really hard, but on the other hand this game is quite educational because its realistic to tell u the truth tomorrow's mayors should get this game, then they'll see actually how hard being a mayor is, after playin this game I am sure most of them wont want to become a Mayor anymore and those hard working people will get into this game to try know more about a mayor's duty and all of that, I am certain that I dont wanna become a mayor, so that means this game for everyone. Most of the times I see how much I am spending and its a way bigger digit then what I am earning, nooooo we absolutely do not want that, so u got to go to hospitals, schools etc to actually cut down taxes and all of that, oh did I only mention the mayor this game could also be helpful to business men. When u start of the game dont just go start your own city/ville if u are a beginner there are actually courses that will help u to know how to play then when you are finished all the courses then start to make your own city and............ sometimes u just got to sit down relax and see the load of money comin and rewards comin to u, now thats the best part of the game for me obviously. But guys u might wanna first try it out by renting or borrowing it from a friend or somethin'