Yes, I'm all for innovative controls...but for crying out loud, make sure they actually work

Hello ladies and gentleman, This here is a collection of my thoughts on Mario Slam Basketball (as named here in the sunny UK)

I bought the game today, and have spent about 4 hours with it so far. First impression is very good, the graphics are brilliant, and the controls are great. Your eased in slowly and you'll find out all the controls involve stroking the stylus in different directions. In the practice mode, these are amazing, and work really really well. but...once you hit tourney mode you'll notice how they dont work. The first tourney is great, the controls work, the courses have some nice little obstacles, and its great fun to play. Then all of a sudden the difficulty FLIES up. You click the L button to switch to the player closest to the ball, but it simply does not work. I can't tell you how many times it either A. hasnt worked, after 3 clicks not done anything, or B. swaps you to the wrong player. If the opponent jumps up for a dunk, you can jump as well and block...in theory. for a start you can never ever get to a player and jump up as well. Youl either be given a guy at the other end, or because of the view point, think your in the right place, but aren't. Stealing the ball is totally hit and miss. If they keep the ball, all you can do is run behind them, and you cant steal from behind, so all you can do is run whilst groaning at the thought of another unfair dunk. Its so damn frustrating to be let down by the very thing that attracted you to the game in the first place. But, its not all bad, the game is very good, and you can play exhibition matches at a lower difficulty. I love unlocking things though, and i can tell with this game that'll be a nightmare. Overall a very fun game, but please be aware, it is very unfair in places