One of the best games!

User Rating: 9.8 | SimCity 2000 PC
Yay, finally I've got one of the oldest and the most popular Sim City game. At first I thought it would suck but when I played it, It has changed my mind!

Ok, first of all this game is about constructing your own city. Making your city popular, earning money, and spending them on buildings. Very exciting once you've have built your own city. But very hard to construct your own city. Usually take about a few days to built a fully city. The only thing that I hate about this game, is the earthquake, buildings getting on fire, and the UFO attack! Really annoying! But when you turn them off, it makes the game less boring.

The only way to improve this game to be a 10.0, is to change the UFO attacks, building getting on fire, and the earthquake, to robbers. The robbers I'm talking about is making your city less popular. Or unlocking some secret buildings ( which was not on the list of my problems).

But still one of the best game ever. Your dream to be a president is now unlocked! But not a president for a country! Hope everyone enjoys this game more than me! Very fun game!