Pretty good...

It's about 5 months since i played, and completed this game 100%, but then now i just somehow wanted to review this game. :)
But luckily the battles are just awesome, and so colourful. The battles are basically a match between 2 robos, each robo has 3 different kind of weapons: Gun, Pod and bomb...
There are also other parts to collect, as legs and the robos themselves.
There are 55 ROBOS to, and about 50 of each part to collect, and my opinion is, that that is a good number of collectibles, and there have to be at least one robo, that you would like as your favourite.
The game takes good time to fully complete, but if i have to be honest, then the long and boring dinner conversations, and some of the boring parts of the game (where you won't get in a battle for very long time, and just have to skip a lot of talking, and talking, and talking,) just kinda ruins the fun of the single player mode... (Unless the battles)
At least i think mostly everyone would like this game, because it's a good game of it's genre, and it's not like only a kids game, but also for the little older.
Then there's the WiFi part of this game... I haven't played so many WiFi battles in this game, but it's a nice part of the game, where you can choose to fight opponents on your level, or just any level. And that's good, if you not are any very experienced player, and just don't wanna get killed in the first 20 seconds.
Basically i wanna say, that this is a good game, no really good story, good graphics, many things to collect, good WiFi, and it's defiantly worth buying. And i'm glad that i bought and completed this game, and now got it in my DS collection. :)
Thanks for reading!