Just great pure fun!

User Rating: 8 | SimCity 2000 PC
I remember when my best friend got this game.....well he got the box and the manual but not the disks until he pulled his grades up. He was telling me about the features and everything and how great everything sounded. Neither of us had played the original Sim City so this game was like a whole new genre to us.

Finally after a couple weeks he got the disks and we were just blown away by this game. At first we had the most fun loading in one of the pre built cities and using the various methods of disaster to story the city. Eventually we would go on to build real cities and see which one could get the most successful city going.

All in all Sim City 2000 is a great game. City management is top notch and the ability to pre build the terrain your city will be laid on is also another great feature. As already mentioned, you can load in pre built city's to either continue/expand their growth or simply just have fun destroying them.