What happens in Vegas will get you killed!

Rainbow six Vegas is Ubisoft’s newest in the Rainbow franchise. Ubisoft has added a lot of new features to this game. Like the new cover system and the redesigned PEC mode. They stuck to their roots with multiplayer, other then the added cover system. Singleplayer is nothing less then amazing in both graphics and gameplay. The sound in the singleplayer and multiplayer is outstanding. One thing I loved about the sound was it changed depending on what type of gun you had. For example if you used a SMG the sound would pretty much be near you and you would hear it around you. If you used an assault rifle or sniper though, firing a single shot would make it echo off in the distance and it sounds realistic. Graphics are notable better in singleplayer and co-op then in the adversarial modes. I believe it was because Ubisoft wasn’t achieving framerate like that wanted to. Multiplayer is very well done and all the maps live up to rainbows past as well as a couple old favorites make their return. Streets aka city street large for original Rainbow six 3 fans has made its rusty return, as well as the downloadable map from Black Arrow Killhouse. The rest of the maps vary from a Mexican villa to the vaults of multi-million dollar casinos. There are a few things that are wrong or bad about multiplayer. They made it so you can only take 2 of each type of offensive grenades which is perfectly fine. What they did to balance this although is not fine, they made the grenade a lot more powerful most of the time making it impossible to get away from. The flashbang work very well from what I’ve noticed now, in past games they were useless and often never worked. The biggest problem with multiplayer right now is its voice problems. Its like gambling who you can hear on your team or the other. I’m sure a patch is in the works but for now its extremely annoying. I love the PEC mode and how it really doesn’t give you anything better then anyone it just gives you something cooler. The cover system works very well in multiplayer which was a surprise to me. I was thinking that someone would be able to sit in third person and pop out and kill someone. It still is sort of like that but if the person he is popping out on is paying attention he will be able to shoot first and often kill first. There is a brief pause actually its more of a transition time from cover to aiming. Its fast but sometimes not fast enough. The new attack and defend mode is a fun change of pace offering up more of a counter-strike feel to it. All the old favorites are back as well conquest, retrieval, survival, sharpshooter, team survival, team sharpshooter, as well as terrorist hunt and co-op story.

In conclusion this game is probably my pick for the must buy game of the year even over Gears of War, because of its ability to appeal to everyone. Singleplayer fans have a great game to play and multiplayer fans have multiple game types to choose from. This is in my opinion the best shooter of the year.