The best Zelda game to the date

I remember when I was 6... I played ocarina of time in a friend house.I thought it was amazing and I liked the combat and the bosses.Then when I was 7 I played majoras mask. 4 years after that I saw wind waker and I was not so impressed.Lots of zelda games were released on the next years and then... I hear about zelda twilight princess!At first I did not buy it but then I realized that the game was mazing and I went to buy it. Now I now why people was suprised with ocarina of time.Zelda twilight princess is like the new ocarina of time.Its amazing:
Presentation 10:AMAZING!
Graphics 8.9: It could be better but it looks amazing anyways.
Gameplay 10:Classic gameplay that will be fun for everyone.
Sound 10: Execellent music for each temple and bosses
Lasting appeal 9: Good news: It is a very long quest with tons of secrets and sidequest. Bad news: Once you beat it you will wait like 6 months to want to play it again.
NOTE: This game maybe its too easy. Maybe so more difficulty could not hurt.
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