Much like bf3 choppers.

If you configure your controls just a little, it`s much like the Bf3 choppers, a great way to train for some bf3 flying. My skills increased a lot after this game.

The game is very fun as well and a great game to just play for a little while (1hour or less).

It is ofc a bit more realistic then the bf3 choppers but it still manage to keep it too an arcade level so you don`t have to spend hours just starting up the chopper. And you are able to do missions using different strategies and weapons. You can choose to gun down most enemies with the cannon or launch hellfires at range.

If there is something missing in this game I would say more missions. But this is a game where you really see your skill as a gamer making the game go from difficult too really easy. You can increase the difficulty and do the missions again, but more mission would be better of course.

Best Regards.