The SNES version of SimCity arrives on Wii's Virtual Console and reminds us why the series are so successful

User Rating: 8.4 | SimCity SNES
In the past Electronic Arts turned their back on Nintendo by not supporting their GCN and GBA/DS consoles like they did with the PS2 and XBX, however they appear to love Nintendo's new console as they have a wide lineup of games announced for the console and they began their support with this little gem.

SimCity is the beggining of a long series that take the PC as the main platform now however we must'nt forget the past of such series.

The SNES version is the beggining, you play as a city's mayor and your duty is to administrate the city's resources, money, people and infrastructure. In the past this game apported something to gaming in general which is the introduction of math and economics as a main plot of a game, it also involves political issues and natural disasters.

Overall: SimCity is a remarkable game that must not be forgotten and it also started the best selling PC series... The Sims.