SimCity (1991) Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. 999 extra city maps

    There is normally only 999 city maps, but if for any strange reason you need 999 more, here's a way to unlock 999 more maps. Start a new city, and choose any map number, then start the game. Now select the ''Go to Menu'' Icon located at the top of the screen, and choose Start New City without saving. After a short period of time, the map will change, but the number wont.

    Contributed by: ohnoitschris 

  2. $999,999

    At any time while playing a city, spend all of your money on buildings that require funding (such as police stations, fire stations etc). When the tax screen apears at the end of December hold down L. Select ''Go With Figures'' and then go back to the tax screen. Turn all of the dues to 100% and exit still holding L. When you release L your money will be at $999,999.

    Contributed by: Hockeyerik013 

  3. Get away with not paying funds

    As far as I know, Auto-Budget must be off to use this code. When the Budget screen comes up at the end of the year, set all funds to 0%. Now select Go With Figures. Immediately save the game, then reload it. The game should continue as if you set all funds to 100%, but you weren't charged for them on the budget.

    Contributed by: Y0u 

  4. Stop the meltdown from happening in the Boston scenario.

    Before you start the Boston 2010 scenario (at the telefax screen,) immediately hold the L button before you start. Keep holding the L button, and then bulldoze the three nuclear power plants. After you have bulldozed them, release the L button and rebuild the three plants. Now you can play the scenario without the meltdown actually occurring.

    Contributed by: Larcen Tyler 

  5. Debug Menu

    Load or start a new city, then choose END from the Save/Load menu. When the "See you soon!" screen appears, press the following on controller 2: Left, A, Right, Y, Up, B, Down, X, Select, Start, Start, Select, R, R, L, L. Press Up or Down to scroll through the options, and press Left or Right to toggle them on or off. To activate the selected features, change MEMORY to SET and reset the SNES (they will remain active even if you power off). To deactivate everything, go back into the menu, change MEMORY to CLR, and press B.

    Contributed by: BMF54123 

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