The better version

User Rating: 9.6 | Sim Theme Park PC
If you read my PS review of this game,you might have noticed that I favored this version more.It's simply because,well,it's better.

The game has you build,design,and manage your own theme park.This doesn't seem like such a daunting task,but the game does a good job of serving up this challenge.

One of the most difficult components of the game is managing the employees.In the game,you'll need security guards,entertainers,construction workers,and a few other types of ccupations for the park.You usually choose your employees in the beginning of the game when the park is empty,which was something that I found difficult.First,you need to train your workers and hire the best ones for the best budget,since you haven't earned revenues yet from the park.

Once the park is starting,the hard part comes.The workers may need more training,which you can't track at all,or there aren't enough workers,or they simply quit on the job.It's difficult to keep up with all the business regarding the employees since you have to look after the entire park.This isn't a downside to the game however,just a major challenge I came across.

Other than that,your theme park's success relies heavily on how well the park was designed.There's a constant demand for entertainers and rides and shops and restaurants that makes you know that the park has to be perfectly proportioned with each of these things.Also,the prices you set are extremely important.If you charge to low for admission for example,then you losses will be greater than what you gain.It's an important factor to keep in mind.

One of the major strong points of the game is the ability to ride your own ride.Mind you,there isn't much thrills in doing so,but it's a unique feature of the game that I appreciate.The coasters and water rides are very fun to ride,especially if the design includes twists and turns and so.That's another thing that drew me towards the game.The customization in design of rides such as roller coasters is much greater than in the Playstation version.You're limited sharp turns in the PS version,whereas in this game,you can actually make the coaster turn upside down.It was something I noticed right away when playing the PS version.

This game also have awesome themes for the parks.They range from a perhistoric dinosaur theme to an Alice In Wonderland theme.They're extremely fun to design because you can see the imaginative rides that are in each different park.

All in all,this game is one of the few I one for the PC,but one of my favorites.It's different but incredibly fun.

The game really depends on your imagination,and how well you utilize it in the game.That is a recipe for success.