Often imaginative action-RPG that plays like Diablo 2 but with lots of side-quests.

User Rating: 7.5 | Silverfall PC
The Gamespot forums seems filled with Oblivion fans who wish this game was Oblivion 2. Well it isnt anything like the glitzy but too easy Oblivion I'm happy to report. Silverfall is a very solid PC RPG that in some ways is a pleasant throw back to older-style PC RPG games. I have one fairly big complaint though: there isnt a whole lot to do with your character in terms of adding or developing skills after about 10 hours into this long game. At first I was happy with the skill tree but it becomes apparent over time that the game makers didnt add enough skills and abilities to last out this game. In other words and to my surprise, I got a bit bored. 1. The combat is in a frantic real-time mode that will remind anyone of Diablo2. The fast combat takes some getting used to because you've got 3D graphics and a camera that doesnt always cooperate. Character-building is also highly reminiscent of Diablo2 with options for ice/fire magic, melee, ranged and so on for your character. If you;ve played Diablo 2 then you already know basically how the combat works in this game. Just as with Diablo2, you can nerf your charcacter if you try to make him good at everything. If you do that, by mid-game that character wont be able to handle enemies. You have to specialize your character's abilities. 2. What pleasantly surprised me was the semi-open-ended world and lots of disparate side-quests to do. The game-makers clearly made some effort to create stories and quests that arent the same thing over and over again (aka Oblivion). Also, unlike the recent (and fun) Titan Quest, this game never makes me feel I am being lead thru a linear quest thru linear levels where basically I know to just keep moving north up the map to get to the end of the game. Titan Quest's story was instantly forgettable and enemies were the usual stock cliches of mummies and spiders.

3. The graphics. This is what will annoy the console gamers the most I suspect. The graphics cannot compete with the pretty glowy world we get in Oblivion. If that's the most important thing for you in an RPG, this may not be the game for you. The quality of the graphics remind me generally of Neverwinter Nights 2's graphics. They are serviceable. It helps that all of your equipment is represented on your character as you wear it and there's a nice variety of odd-looking creatures that arent the usual cliche in a fantasy RPG. For example the giant killer trees and the goblins driving around in mini-tanks are a nicely odd.

If you liked Titan Quest and Diablo 2, you will likely like this game. If you liked older PC RPG's that emphasize story and dont mind the frantic real-time combat, you might like this game. If you loved Oblivion above all other RPG's because it looked really cool and you could quickly level up to become an uber-hero, well, you will not like this game.