A well executed game,except the weird controls. Silver's strong points make up for the weaker ones.

User Rating: 7 | Silver PC
Back in 1999,Silver was released by Infogrames.A typical JapaneseRPG for the PC.It can't be bad right?Well,although the game has it's strong points there are some notable exceptions.
First of all the story is plain like every JRPG.You're David and you're in a quest so save your wife from the evil Silver,who has taken all the village's women to marry one of them and kill the others.I know it sounds bad,but it isn't.You just have to play it.
Then there are the graphics...For 99' standards they are very good and considering the system requirements,you could still play it on a VERY low end PC.3D characters with prerendered backgrounds suits the game just fine.
Now let's get to the main point,the gameplay...The game plays like an Action RPG,you have a character,you move him and attack.There's no real LVL up whatsoever,if you beat the boss you continue the story.In the game you can control 3 characters at once and this is where the game gets really impossible.
The controls don't help you move the characters and you just have to give each one a task and that would have been wonderful if you could pause and select what to do,but it's real time so nope...I would prefer if the other characters had their own AI and you didn't have to control them.
The music is awesome.It suits the atmosphere absolutely.The sound effects are also good.Overall,you won't be dissapointed here.
And we come to the final question:Is it worth it?Well,if you find the game laying around for a few dollars,grab it and play it you will like it.Silver's strong points make up for the weaker ones.