User Rating: 9.3 | Silent Storm PC
Amazing game. How do I describe this game? Easy: Worms + Call of Duty. Its basically a turn-based strategy game a lot like Worms (based on the alltime classic Scorched Earth). But they add to that many elements that make it much more enjoyable than Worms and make this game a "must play" game and contender for game of the year (IMHO): (1) 3D Isometric camera/view (Warcraft III essentially). You can control the camera, change angles, zoom in/out. (2) World War II theme. Does this ever get old? Thats right, you must destroy the Nazi menace. This means guilt-free killing! (3) RPG elements; your group of 6 soldiers all have different professions, skills, experience levels, etc., and they advance in skill as you proceed in the game. (4) Ragdoll physics. Everything in the environments can be destroyed, including soldiers, civilians, cars, buildings, signs, fences, trees, phone poles, lights can be shot out. Detractors would highlight the following flaws in the game: Enemy/Ally turns can take a LONG time; Easy is too easy, while Hard doesn't let you save while you're in combat, so you can basically play this game on "So Easy Its Pathetic" or "Im So Frustrated, Im Going to Kill My Computer" mode; AI camera control leaves a lot to be desired. These guys should tweak the camera movements during AI turns. Its often directly above and at a distance. You many times have no idea who is shooting at who. Once you take over control of the AI camera, you control for rest of turn so be prepared to race around the map trying to follow the battle; Plot? What plot? This game's plot is not that easily discerned. You are looking for something being made, no wait, being researched. And there are scientists and some other guys from some secret organization, or was it scientists from a secret organization...who cares! Lets kill some Nazis!!! 'Nuf said. If you like Civilization, Worms Armaggedon, the RTS genre, Turn-Based genre, etc., then go get this game and play it and love it and sleep with it at night.