User Rating: 8.8 | Silent Storm PC
Great game. I am truly enjoying the experience. I like turn based strategy games where you can take the time to plan out the actions o your men. And I must admit there is nothing more rewarding then filling some guy full of lead and watching him get thrusted thru the wall behind him. Yes the “rag doll” physics in the game are cool! Let me also tell you the game is not easy. I have gone thru a few scenarios and I have a tuff time. The enemy AI is pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good. My only grief is the sound. The sound effects are cool. The bullets firing around sound very real. The music though, well it sucks. It doesn’t get you into the game. If you can handle weak music I encourage you to give it a try. Try the demo and if you like it then get the game. Oh and be careful what you read in some reviews. I have a Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz and a decent video card and the game runs great for me. Also I have a LCD monitor and the game works great in 1280*1024.