I never played a online game more horrible than this.

Wow, seriously... This game sucks.

Lets begin with the gameplay. It is HORRIBLE! Everything you must do in this game, is use the left mouse button, or if you use a Mac, just the mouse button. The got most of their skill ideas from World of Warcraft, but they failed horribly. There is TOO MANY skills in this game, and they all take EXTREMELY LONG to level them up! The battle sequence in this game is horrible. You walk up to some random monster, or the random monster walks up to you, and hits you. Ok, what do you first expect? You expect your character to rip its head off or like slash it like a barrage, but no you get one hit wich will miss about 2/10 of the time, and then the monster attacks back. You take turns attacking...

The Community in this game, HORRIBLE. No matter what, you will be called a noob. Even noobs call you a noob. You can be a level 711 (Not possible) for example, and still be called a noob by the little level 10. No matter what you do, people honestly think you are hacking. Like if you lag and like attack the monster from far from the lag, they WILL report you for no reason, and then Jagex will warn you, and if Jagex warns you various times, you can get banned or muted.

The Graphics in this game are more worse than ghostbusters for NES (nah not that bad).
Seriously, like the game is 3-D, they could have done better. I rather look at freddy krueger naked than look at this game. The quests in this game are SUPER repetitive. For example, they are usually like this: Kill a monster 9000 miles away from where you are right now, then talk to 600 random people, then come back and claim your prize, wich is usually a cheap *ss price. The pvp in this game is really horrible. Everybody is going to attack you and you never know who. Also if you die in this game, you only keep 3 items! Who the **** thought of that!? And if you are skulled (If you attacked somebody in a certain pvp game when they didnt attack you first), you lose all your items...

In Conclusion, This game is just a horrible flash game wipped up by jagex, who are ALWAYS trying to make you pay to become a member very badly because they dont make any money. Dont waste your time playing this game, just play maplestory or something.