Stepping up from Silent Hunter III

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific PC
Stepping up from Silent Hunter III it makes this game an instant classic,

Playing as a US Sub Commander your job is to sink as many Jap Ships as possible!

With set or Custom Difficulties it suits all players- from the people who love real simulations to the people who just want to jump in the action and have some exploding action!

New Graphics up the game play to another level.

The career has a great story line, patrolling the oceans, blowing up ships with limited torpedoes and sometimes having to retire to your deck gun.

Shooting down the Jap Planes is great fun, the AA gun is a very valuable tool and easy if you know where to aim.

With a big selection of ships to destroy from a great battleship to a puny little fishing ship, as well as having a great selection of submarines to choose from.

The only flaw is not having enough players to play online with.

This is a great game which I very much love.
The best Sub Sim game on the market!


Good hunting commander.