What a Crock!

User Rating: 1.8 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific PC
Silent Hunter IV is a game of fanastic potential that is ruined by shoddy programming and lack-luster quality assurance. From the visuals to the copy-protection scheme, the only thing that isn't broken about this game is the fact that the DVD does in fact fit into standard DVD drives. The defects in the game hamper everything from the basic skills (target solutions, navigation, radar detection, etc) to the details that UBI Sof t sold to the hard core simmers (the dynamic campaign, realism, visuals). Even WITH automatic targeting it is nigh impossible to play a single mission without some sort of lame workaround or external tool. It basically becomes a board game as you have to pause the game to manually work out the details that don't work in the game. Then your crew will all suddenly die, your ship unexpectedly and underservedly sink, or you'll be "retired" without any sane reason or say in the matter. What a crock!

Ubi Soft has finally cashed in on all those user-community hand-outs they've given us in the past and dumped a terrible excuse for a game on an all too-forgiving sub sim community. I know I'll be thinking twice before I buy Ubi Soft again.