Silent Hill Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Skip Final Boss

    Before going down the stairs to fight the final boss, use up ALL of your ammunition. The game realizes that you have no ammunition, and will automatically skip the final boss battle.

    Contributed by: DuncePotato 

  2. Expanded Options

    Open up the Options menu, press L1, L2, R1 or R2 to open an extra menu.

    Contributed by: Poisoman 

  3. Get HyperBlaster without beating the game

    To get a working HyperBlaster without finishing the game with a GOOD+ ending. Plug the old Konami LightGun (the HyperBlaster) into controller port 2 then start a new game. It'll be in your inventory.

    Contributed by: Mr Grimm 

  4. Sonic Youth band reference

    When you arrive at the School, go to the office and you'll find the names of three teachers are, K. Gordon, L. Ronaldo and T. Moore, three members of the band Sonic Youth.

    Contributed by: Tommy Filth 

  5. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once with a Good + rating, then beat the game again with the secret UFO ending on Next Fear mode. The next Next Feat game you play you will have the Hyperblaster. Hyperblaster
    Beat the game once on any mode with the Good+ Ending. Now go to the Gas Station near the church and grab the Gas Container. Head to the Chain Saw Store located on the map to get the Chainsaw. Chainsaw
    Get the Good+ Ending. Then, save a Next Fear Save and then go to the Convenience Store in Old Silent Hill. Inside, on the counter, is the Channeling Stone. Channeling Stone
    Beat the game once on any mode with an ending. Then go to the Gas Station and pick up the Gas Container. Then go to the first floor of the Bridge Control Room and get the Rock Drill. Rock Drill
    Beat the game on hard mode and start a New Fear game. Look in the Levin Street House where you use the Dog House Key. In the hallway connecting the front of the house to the kitchen to door will be open. Katana
    Get a 10-Star Rating Green Beam in Hyperblaster
    Get a Ranking Of 8 Stars or More HyperBlaster-Orange Beam
    Beat The Game Whit The Good+ Ending Alternative Opening Scene

    Contributed by: cvxfreak 

  6. Obtain UFO Ending

    Get the Good+ ending, make a Next Fear Save and get the Channeling Stone. Use the Channeling Stone in the following areas:

    Code Effect
    Evil Midwich Elementary School Roof
    Alchemilla Hospital Courtyard (Before fighting Moth Boss)
    Lakeside Silent Hill Motel's Parking Lot
    Lakeside Silent Hill's Boat (After talking to Cybil and Dahlia)
    Top of the Lighthouse

    Contributed by: cvxfreak 

  7. Endings

    Code Effect
    Simply skip over the sequences in Annie's Bar, Indian Runner and the Motel. Then kill Cybil when you battle her at the fairground. Bad Ending
    Simply skip over the sequences in Annie's Bar, Indian Runner and the Motel. Then save Cybil when you battle her at the fairground. Bad+ Ending
    Play the game through, without skipping ANY missions. But kill Cybil at the Lakeside Amusement Park. Good Ending
    Dont skip over the sequences in Annie's Bar, Indian Runner and the Motel. Then SAVE Cybil when you battle her at the fairground. Good+ Ending

    Contributed by: cvxfreak 

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