Fun and intense...Silent hill comes with another story

User Rating: 7.5 | Silent Hill: Homecoming PS3
Ok first of all,its a fun game,the plot is good,graphics are awesome (as on every ps3 game),Even though I like the x360 version more than this one (well thats probably becouse i dont have x360).The combat has improved a bit...its not just plain attacks (like beffore).You play as Alex Shepherd,a lot of good details,There are some pretty Intense moments where I had to pause and to gather my thoughts.Now as I said the story is not all that even tho .the screw-ups with the story has been happening a lot since sh3 maybe they ran out of ideas xD,The enemies are not scary alone ...specially the nurse,I'd say she's damn sexy rather than scary.The music along with the atmosphere and the dark areas makes it all well for a game "scary"...The "comeback" of pyramid head is like awesome becouse they changed him,thank god they resized his pyramid a bit becouse from sh2 that **** was waaaay 2 Big,so that made it even more scarier.

The one thing I love about horror games is that they aren't boring,they are intense..and those 2 feelings are non-comparable.

Overall..awesome game