What did you think? and my impression of the demo

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I was curious about everyone's opinion who played the demo. Here are my impressions. First of all, I play alot of dungeon crawlers. I consider them to be my favorite genre. I got to tell you, for a demo, it really held my attention. I really enjoy the level of customization you can give your character through stat points and how you can level up each and every weapon. Want to specialize in just a couple, become a powerhouse with those weapons (you will def need to keep an ample supply of repair kits if you go this route). If you want a more balanced approach, level them all up equally. The dark atmosphere complimented by eerie music really create a feeling of tension and what lies within the next room. The fire effects on the demo boss are absolutely beautiful. Randomly generated dungeons give Silent Hill: BOM high replay potential. Let's hope Konami sets a high level cap with several difficulties and plans to release DLC expansions to keep players coming back for more. Now, let's hit on the bad. When I opened up the BOM, I turned to the bestiary page. There really weren't very many pages that would include a diverse set of baddies. Let's hope this was just for demo purposes. The puzzles are also kinda lame, I'm not sure how this will factor into multiplayer Another question mark is how many different settings are there going to be and what will be the length of the game? Many people are going to complain that this not true Silent Hill, but I for one applaud Konami for trying something different. When the game is finally released, it could be hellish good fun to play with multiple people and see how crazy this game gets. I know I had a great time with the demo.