Best Dragonball Z game for Gameboy!!!

This game is awsome. I love how you can power up your own stats however you want to. The graphics are also a huge improvment from the first two legacy of goku games. I mean the whole game is an improvement from the first two. You can fuse and everything in this one. Plus goku can go super saiyan three which also rules. I also love playing as majin vegeta for the short time you can play as him. VEGETA'S THE MAN!!!!! Any way Vegito and Gotenks are wicked cool and fun to play with. There totally awsome. And Gotenks goes Super Saiyan Three to. Its totally legacy of goku two to the next level...literally. So all dragonball z fans, or any one who liked the original legacy of goku games, should totally go out and buy this game. DRAGONBALL Z RULEZ!!!