So very old school...

User Rating: 6 | Silent Hill 3 PS2
Konami's Silent Hill series has succeeded in delivering some of the most horrifying and psychologically disturbing experiences in videogame history. Silent Hill 3 continues that tradition by providing clamoring fans of the series with the same masterful blend of mysterious storyline, nail-biting sound design, challenging puzzles and shocking monsters. New chilling locations in the town of Silent Hill such as the Mall, Amusement Park, and Subway are revealed in the new game, as well as featuring a new arsenal of weapons like the flame-thrower and sub-machine-gun. Heather, a seemingly normal teenage girl must explore the hellish place of Silent Hill in order to understand her forgotten past and escape with her life, if not her sanity.

Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the first game, which explains a little more about Silent Hill 2's story, and follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with many new things: Storyline, monsters, and an entirely new set of characters. Quite honestly, for those who didn't like the first two, there isn't much here for you. It controls essentially the same as before, it flows with the same slowly unraveling storyline, it looks almost exactly like Silent Hill 2, and it's bizarre, dark and packed with psycho-sexual monsters, nurses, dogs and mannequins, and it's filled with lots of dark hallways. And there's a lot less fog.

Silent hill 3 has a bad graphic and when i played it is very hard to find a way even if i'm using walkthrough.

It is a very hard game so i suggest you to play it with codebreaker/gameshark (^^ haha don't take it seriously)