Silent Hill 3 is different from the other two in the series

User Rating: 8.6 | Silent Hill 3 PS2
Silent Hill 3 is different from the other two in the series because this one is more about survival than the others in the series, much like Resident Evil, and if you are not careful you would quickly run out of ammo and health. Most of this game I used melee weapons rather than guns because of the scarcity of ammo. The game’s controls are basically the same as previous installments so there’s nothing new in that department. The standard survival horror controls. Graphically this game kicks ass. This is one of the best looking games on the Playstation 2. Everything is superb to look at, a lot of details were added to the environments and the light effects were simply breathtaking and it all adds to the overall horror effect. Heather, the main character, as well as all the other characters and monsters were well done and very detailed. This game unlike the two before it has no cinematic sequences, the story line is played out in properly rendered cut-scenes, but when a game looks this good cinematic sequences aren’t really missed. All you could do is dream about how good one would be if they had any. You don’t really have to play Silent Hill 2 to fully understand the storyline in Silent Hill 3. However you have to play the original Silent Hill released for the Playstation in 1999 to understand the storyline because Silent Hill 3 is like a direct continuation of the original Silent Hill. I will not disclose any information about the storyline because it would be spoilers for those who haven’t played the game as yet; however you do re-visit some familiar places. In terms of sound, the voice acting were done to the very best, some of the best I would say. The game does not contain much in game music and as usual you have the infamous radio that gives off a frightening static when a monster is near or approaching you. Monster groans and some atmospheric sound effect add to the overall fear factor in the game. Those with weak hearts should not be playing this game. The game overall was a lot of fun and the excellent graphics added to the overall presentation of Silent Hill 3, but as usual survival horror games are short, my first play through was about 9 hours on normal action difficulty and normal puzzle difficulty. The game does have some unlockables like new weapons, infinite ammo and tones of alternate costumes. For those who love this series and survival horrors on a whole this game is a must buy and for those who are now getting into the genre this game is a good one to start with.