A great game, with some kinks... A DETAILED REVIEW!

This game isnt what I had totally expected after playing R6V1. Seeing that there were many problems in the first, I and many others had high hopes for this title. Unfortunatley that isnt the case as many bugs make a come back.

Though they have come back, this is otherwise a great game. As you progress through single player you may notice many differences. New things HAVE come in this Vegas. A new experiance system, A.C.E.S and a new charachter by the name of Bishop.

Single player offers a whole new twist and turns as you start from where you last left off. After playing long and lengthy campaigns as Logan Keller, you have been switched to a guy named "Bishop". On the hunt once again for terrorists and strange activity, it is up to you and your squad to stop them all. As the last game, the squad ai is great. You have many ways in which you can take charge of them. From telling them to clear a room or follow you, they are at your fingertips litteraly. Handling them is extremely easy, as you just point and click where you want them to go. Although this is all great, one small problem may be noticed. They can get stuck in your way. They sometimes dont react and are often glitchy. This is a minor occurance and should not affect overall gameplay of squad. Recommanding them sometimes does the trick. Handling your own charachter in this game is also very simple. With Vegas being a tactical type of game, you will most times find yourself against a wall taking cover. Sneaking around and flanking is what you would primarily do. All this is extremely nice and easy to use with the interface given. Some noted problems to this is that you may go to a wall and not "stick" right away. You may end up leaning on what you didnt intend to. Again, minor problems that may occur.

New gameplay elements include, destructible cover. This feature adds a more realistic approach to what you are behind and what terrorists are behind. Eliminating camping is something that it can also do as it forces you to move around. Destructible cover is great and well used. Shooting through a billboard and killing a terrorist would be a great example as this. Choose your cover!!

The weaponry in this game is very up to date. In this installment of vegas you get 11 new weapons that have never been seen before. Offering multiple weapons and customization to you the player. Through single player you can carry 2 primary weapons and a pistol; in contrast to multiplayer where you can only carry 1 primary and 1 pistol. Weapon combos with accessories such as acog, reflex and laser sights makes the game mold to your gameplay type. With the usage of each weapon you rank up your A.C.E.S

Aces is the newest feature in the game that allows for completion and progress of weapons you use. Through the game completing levels of A.C.E.S is what you will do to attain your weaponry. Marksman, Close Quarter combat and assault are the three main categories. Ranking up in each of these respective areas will unlock new weapons and experiance. Through R6V2, you can now rank up in single player, offline and online multiplayer. Giving you more chances to rank up faster and more easily. From private to elite you will have a blast.

Online of this game is good. Playing things such as coop and terrorist hunt are very fun, until the bugs come in. With the PS3 one of the main problems is connection. Many people cannot connect and thus are frustrated. An occuring trend is that once connected you can be kicked out for various reasons. By the host or randomly. Again a pet peeve. It should be known that this isnt the greatest multiplayer games...But that should change. While broken, once you get into a game it IS VERY VERY FUN.EDIT: ONLINE IS WORKING NOW!

The sound in this game is also a great aspect. With gun shots and noices from enemies and squad mates, its all there. Playing in 5.1 makes it even better. Offering a complete all around level of sound. Some issues are again in the sound as one may hear continuous gun shot firing...Not normal and it can go on forever.

Last but not least the GRAPHICS. In comparison to the old game, the graphics in this title have been drastically improved. Many of the charachter models look more polished and clear. The resolution you can play in is 480i and 720P. The bug with the 1080i resolution is no longer here. But 1080i is not supported. With that being said, some times you may see framerate issues in single player and online. It can become unbarable at times. Still it IS an improvement over the last title.

Overall Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a great game. Featuring many new things coupled with some great old things, it is quite interesting. Many may compare this to COD4, but please do not. It is a much more slow and tactical game, pushing and forcing to plan out your attack. This game is in the same token rittled with bugs. Online and offline you may find yourself extremely frustrated at times. If your not sure rent it first. Good game.